I am an incoming PhD candidate in computer science at the University of Maryland. Prior to joining UMD, I was a master’s student at Universtiy College London, where I worked in the UCL Machine Reading group under Sebastian Riedel. Before my return to academia, I was an economic consultant at The Brattle Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I developed an internal document retrieval platform, built econometric models, and did a lot of work that could be broadly classified as data science (I remain an avid evangalist of R’s tidyverse over python’s pandas).

For my master’s thesis, I constructed models to determine when a factual claim requires an external citation for support, using Wikipedia data. What makes this interesting is that it requires identifying the “beats” that constitute a given concept (e.g., although made up of several sentences, the following only requires a single citation: “Ferdinand de Saussure was born in Geneva in 1857. His father was Henri Louis Frédéric de Saussure, a mineralogist, entomologist, and taxonomist. Saussure showed signs of considerable talent and intellectual ability as early as the age of fourteen.”)

You can reach me at hoyle [at] umd.