I am a third-year PhD student working at the University of Maryland’s Computational Linguistics and Information Processing lab, where I am advised by Philip Resnik. My research interests involve using interpretable unsupervised methods to study social and cultural phenomena as manifested in language, as well as the evaluation of those methods. I’m currently a summer intern in the FATE group at Microsoft Research. In the past I have interned with AllenNLP at AI2.

Previously, I completed my master’s in computational statistics and machine learning at University College London, where my thesis advisors were Sebastian Riedel and Jeff Mitchell at the UCL NLP group. Before my return to academia, I was a Research Analyst at The Brattle Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I built econometric models, developed a document retrieval platform, and did additional work that could be classified as data science. In a key project, I helped conduct research on New York City public housing for the U.S. Department of Justice; these efforts eventually led to a $2.2 billion settlement to improve conditions.

You can reach me at hoyle [at] umd [dot] edu.